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only yacht

NESLISAH YACHT TOURISM S.A. is a tour operator specialized on yachting and VIP travel organization. Our head office is in Istanbul, Turkey but we do operate worldwide and offer private jets, yachts, sailing boats and everything within the scope of VIP travel related services inclusive the insurances, finance, credit cards etc.

NESLISAH YACHT was built for the Ottoman Princess Neslisah Sultan in 1998 and was used by the Princess until her death in 2008. After her death the yacht underwent general care and passed to Mr. Osman Mayatepek, again the descendant of the Ottomans and who was teh grandson of Enver Pasha and Naciye Sultan. In 2013, Mr Osman Mayatepek handed over the yacht to us. In 2016 the yacht was registered for cortimercial use. 2018 a general care has been completed.

NESLISAH YACHT differs from many Goulet type of boats operating in Aegean waters with her exceptional saling performance, extremely comfortable 4 cabins, ambitious kitchen and bar equipped with drinks from all over the world, professional service, maintenance and safety status that meets all standards and even more than requirements

NESLISAH YACHT TOURISM S.A., with the affluence that the company has developed in 96 countries of the world, welcomed the Prime Ministeres, Ministers, State Functionaries, Ambassadors, Senior Managers, film and music stars, writers, painters and various artists who left us behind with great enthusiasm and appreciation, promising to come back again soon.

Therefore our Guestbook and the reports in social media are the most important references. We are aiming to continue our success with more efficient and higher level service understanding in the future. We would like to extend our philosophy as we progress with praise and respect as all our guests have been in the past... It will be a horor to see you among us.